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Nefol Webcomic Introduction by Aywren Nefol Webcomic Introduction by Aywren
Welcome to the world of Nefol! Original comics/stories can be found here:

I've gathered all the Introduction into one image as this is more of the presentation it's meant to be - long form. 

Young Jin is responding to his father's story as told on a previous page (One day I'll come back and illustrate that, too). 

The Legend of the Star-Dragon

Our people, the Rai clan of the north, have long been protected by the Dragons. Noble, majestic creatures, they are lead by the white Star-Dragon, the great Dreigiau.

Though we don’t see the Dragons often, there was a time when your father’s father stood in battle with Dragons by his side. Our enemy was the merciless clan from the south, the people from the Spiral. Guided by their Spirit-Lion, they sent cold, heartless warriors and Annihilators who only craved the taste of blood and death. They made no distinction between man, woman or child. They killed all equally, without honor.

It was a dark time for our clan. Only the Dragons and the blessing of hard winters turned the enemy away. Finally, seeing that to continue the battle would only result in measureless loss, The Star-Dragon crafted a plan.

The Dragons came and guided our people to victory. One group led the women and children into the deep passes of the north while the warriors roused the battle lines to the south. Acting as a decoy, they called out the enemy and allow the families to escape.

The Spiral retaliated instantly, mistaking the movement for an early season push into their territory. Their drive for bloodshed blinded them and led them straight into the trap of the Dreigiau.

Stories say many things about that day, the day the Star-Dragon walked among our people. Few times have we seen the Arweinydd… and never since have we seen his mighty power. No doubt he could have struck down the Spiral armies, leaving destruction in his wake. But he didn’t.

Instead, the Dreigiau struck the ground. Such was his power and his mastery that the earth itself moved for him, opening a great fissure that ran like wild-fire along the border of the realms. This is now called the Dragon’s Cleft.

At first, the Spiral army attempted to cross it, maddened by the loss of their enemy. But the cleft grew wider and wider until no man could properly see the other side, and many futile efforts led the Spiral warriors to their death. It is said that their cruel spirits still haunt the Passage within the Mists of Breath.

We hold little fear of the people from the Outter Realms anymore. However, that doesn’t mean we should forget the battles of the past, nor should we forget to remain vigilant in our defenses. Our enemy may not lie within the Spiral, but the threat of the deep magics and the Bane have been foretold.

Already, our clans begin to war between ourselves, locked within the area of the Inner Realms. The temptations of power and lure of dark magics can turn clan against clan. But when the time comes, know that the Dreigiau will choose his Champion. And the Dragon’s Champion will be a leader unlike any we’ve ever known. He will come among us and put an end to our division, uniting our people as it was in times before. As it was meant to be.

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